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By ableaircon77656185, Oct 20 2014 03:01PM

Why Should You Replace Your Furnace This Fall?

Okay...So you've finally come to the realization that your furnace is beyond old, terribly inefficient and it's time to consider replacement. But when is the best time to have this done?

Here are two reasons that RIGHT NOW is the time to consider replacement...

1. The fall season is the best time of the year to replace a furnace to ensure your new equipment gets off to a good start!

2. TRANE is now currently offering their 2014 FALL PROMOTION! Homeowners can save up to $3000.00 on a complete system through November, 15th 2014.

The question now becomes why wouldn't you replace now!


The best time for any sort of preventative maintenance is right before a period of heavy usage. This will ensure your furnace is working at its best when you will rely on it the most. The same principle applies to replacing your tired and inefficient furnace with a new model. A new furnace is already in the best possible condition, which means that it will be giving its best performance during our up and coming predicted cold temperatures.

Ask yourself this. Would you rather endure a day without heat in your home, while your system is being installed in milder temperatures or would you rather wait until the system finally stops working in the middle of January? Be proactive and consider replacement before you encounter a problem!

Another thing to consider is that during the winter months, service calls for unexpected repairs tend to spike. This may make it more difficult for you to scheduled your furnace install during winter months. There will be fewer customers to compete with during the fall season, so again...be proactive and call to schedule a free home survey!

If you need a new furnace installed, please consider our family-owned and operated business.

We can assure you that from your first contact to your post-project follow-up and maintenance,

ABLE Air Conditioning & Heating will be at your service.

By guest, Aug 20 2014 10:16AM

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