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"Their workmanship was excellent. We were very impressed."

– Charles Blender - Ben Avon, PA

My mother, Alice, and I have a home warranty company, and normally when you call, they get things fixed. We had been having trouble with our furnace, and one Saturday afternoon, it quit and there was a terrible burning smell. The fire department was called, along with the home warranty company, which didn’t do anything to help us. Then, I called 7 companies. I couldn’t get a hold of anyone. It was one of the firemen who recommended I contact Able Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC. I left a message and within 5 minutes the owner, Ed Cebulski, called me back. He was at our house within 30 minutes. When he arrived, he immediately took the furnace apart and advised us on what we should do. He was so informative, so helpful.


Before we made our final decision on what company to move forward with to replace the furnace, we acquired 2 additional estimates. They were extremely high, where Able was extremely reasonable. Plus, they’re always available; when you call, a person answers. This personal aspect is really nice. Ed even gave me his cellular number.


We are so pleased we hired Able Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC to replace our furnace. They did an outstanding job.

Mary Greenwald

- Shaler

We have hot water heating, and over the course of 10 years, we’ve used Able Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC’s services to repair our boiler. In the late fall of 2008, we were having some trouble with it. The owner, Ed Cebulski, came out to take a look at it. At this point, we were considering replacing the boiler. Ed proposed installing a Buderus heating system that mounted on the wall and had a stainless steel chamber inside. We decided to go with the new system.


I had a good working relationship with Ed, and felt I could trust him on this new project. His team made things convenient for us. They were very prompt, had a good work ethic and were very neat and clean. Moreover, this ended up being a larger project than anticipated, and the team was here until they got the boiler running properly. After installation, we had a couple of leaks, and they were there the day after I called. Able Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC goes the extra mile. On an added note, we really like the compactness (it fits on the wall) and high-efficiency of the product. Not only does it save us room, but it also enables us to bring out a great deal of energy from the natural gas that we’re burning along with saving us money.


I’ve been very pleased with the product, working with Ed on a higher-level basis and the professionalism of his team.

David and Rise’ Kostilnik

- Gibsonia

One winter, our furnace went down, and we had to have it replaced. First, the service technician was fantastic. He came to our home around noon and worked late to make sure my family would have heat that night, which he didn’t need to do. This really impressed me. He went above and beyond, and I wish I had fifty of him working for me.


Second, we bought one of the high-end furnaces. It made a huge difference. Our gas bill went down, it’s much more efficient, and an all-around better product than what we used to have. I also bought the high-end furnace filter, and there’s less dust in the house which is really nice.


Finally, in my business, service is the thing we focus on the most. The service Able Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC provided me was, hands down, probably the best that I’ve ever experienced with every HVAC company I’ve dealt with. Being in the hotel industry, I work with HVAC companies a lot, and Able’s guys were awesome. Ed Cebulski even came to my house and worked. I’ve never had the owner of an HVAC company show up and do work.


The technicians are the reason I would go back to Able Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC, and I recommend them to my friends and family. It’s all about service.

Chuck Heinlein - McCandless, PA

Charles Blender - Ben Avon, PA

My sister Ruth and I own an old home together and know at least three people who used Able Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC. They all spoke very highly of Able. We had another company that we trusted in mind for the job, yet they were unavailable. When we contacted Able Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC, we got a great response from them. They came in, did independent surveys and gave us the same answers to our questions, as well as similar pricing, as the company we knew better. This made us feel very confident with our decision to go with them.


They said they could do the job fairly quickly, and they did. The installers were very polite, competent and professional. Also, their workmanship was excellent. We were very impressed. After the initial installation, we had a problem with one component, and Able fixed it promptly. Our old house, which always had many cold rooms, now is evenly heated and our fuel bills are less. We had a cold winter and I was very thankful that we went ahead and had the work done. Able Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC did an excellent job!

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