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You may think that a bigger system will improve performance, but it can actually cause temperature swings, short cycling, increased energy costs, and a shortened lifespan for your equipment. A two-stage heating and cooling system is able to adjust capacity as your needs change - we sell you what you need and what will last you a long time, not what costs more.

Would you like to save 20 - 40% on your gas and electric bills? Do you want to improve the comfort level in your home and have clean purified air to create a healthy environment?

Do you want a possible rebate from Trane? Do you want to ensure your family's safety? If the answer to these questions is yes, then call us today at 412-367-3900!

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During your in-home survey we'll do a load calculation. You may think sizing is just about square footage, but a load calculation is the best way for our sales team to determine the right size for your needs. Factors considered include the type of construction, window size and direction, and more.

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Lower your energy costs, improve system performance, get even temperature control, improve dehumidification, and improve indoor air quality (IAQ) with a two-stage system.

A two-stage system gives you many benefits

The benefits of a two-stage system

Two-stage heating and cooling systems have the ability to adjust their capacity as needed, which is one of the reasons they've recently become so popular. With a two-stage system you'll get lower energy costs, better system performance, and consistent temperature control.

A bigger system isn't always a better system